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Year R

Welcome to our Year R page!

Welcome to the Year R page.  Here you will find key information, photos and activities children can do at home.  Don't forget if you have any questions to ask us you can on 

Weekly information and routines

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday - PE Day (children to come to school dressed in their PE kit) Library day (please return return library books)


Friday -   Year R information sheet

Children will be bringing home a reading book which is matched to their ability and changed weekly.  Please record what your child has read at home in their Reading Log.  These logs, along with the reading book, must be kept in their book bag daily. We will be totalling the books they read. 

P.E. kit is needed for children to be able to access the lessons safely. This year we are asking children to come to school in their PE kit.  This is black tracksuit bottoms or leggings, colour group or white t-shirt and black trainers. 

Please can all earrings be removed and long hair tied back on Wednesdays. 

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Our children learning through play where they demonstrate different learning styles.  At Foundry Lane we use Dinosaurs to help the children articulate how they are learning and which characteristic of learning they are displaying. 


Internet Safety

Click on the link below to take you to our e-safety page where you can find lots of resources and links to all things internet safety.

Looking for other ideas to get active at home here is a HIIT session the children may enjoy!

Science Videos

Here is a link to some fun and interesting Science videos by 'Operation Ouch.'

Talk for Writing - This is a free resource which has been designed to inspire and support children to develop skills and confidence in speaking, reading and writing.  Click on the image to access it.


Children have been working hard and now know most of the Phase 2 and some Phase 3 sounds.

This year the children are learning Cued Articulation actions to go with the sounds.  This video shows you how to make the sound actions. 

Sign With Steve - Cued Articulation, Phonics Phase 2 (CuedART) SWSVID002


Children in Year R will be learning their numbers to 10.  We are going to be introducing the Numberblocks characters to support their learning so why not get your child to sing the songs or play they games. 

Click on the image to sing the songs.