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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Foundry Lane Primary School.

Foundry Lane is a co-operative trust school at the heart of the local community. The school is built upon a strong set of values and our motto is “Working Together”.

Parents, Governors and Staff form a strong partnership, working together to offer the children a stimulating range of educational opportunities within the secure atmosphere provided by the school. We have developed many partnerships to enhance the education for our children and children in the local community and we are founding members of the Southampton Co-operative Learning Trust. Through the trust we work closely with a growing group of local schools to improve the education of all our pupils. This trust has been formed using a cooperative model where all stakeholders have a say in the running of the schools. Cooperative schools have a strong national and international network.

Our school logo was designed by two of our children. The school building shown in it is symbolic of our long tradition of high standards and our established standing in the community.  The figures, one big and one small, illustrate the care and support shown by our older children and adults for the younger ones.

We are a three form entry school but currently have two classes in Year R and 1 due to falling numbers across the city. We have three classes in Year 2 through to Year 6. Our admissions policy allows for a planned admission of two classes in September 2024 but will revert to three classes if demand is sufficiently high.

Whilst the school is now a large primary school, we are recognised for our caring and friendly atmosphere and we aim to build a mutually supportive relationship between home and school because we believe that a child’s education is a partnership. We hope you will be actively involved in any way you can.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Taylor