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Travel to School

This month is WALKTOBER with My Journey Southampton.

Find out more here: Tales of the Road – THINK!

We are offering children the opportunity to walk scoot or cycle more than they might normally and will be sharing some road safety tips ready for the darker nights.  Some of the older children may find the videos on YouTube a helpful reminder of what can go wrong.  Please be mindful before sharing as they contain very hard hitting messages but are recommended for KS2 children Age 7 and up.  

All three videos can be viewed here: 

Bike it / Active Travel

Here at Foundry Lane we are committed to promoting active travel to and from school.  We are aiming to reduce congestion and pollution around the roads surrounding our school and the best way to do this is to come to school by cycling or scooting!  We are actively promoting  ‘park and stride’ or ‘park and ride’! 

We continue to work with Sustrans to become a ‘Bike it’ school, supported by 'BikeIt Jenny'. 

To help meet some targets in our Travel Plan just take a look at all the events we have done!

  • October – BRAKE WALK 20  is plenty – We all took a stroll around the school 'island' looking for safe places to cross, dangers and obstructions.  We also looked for road signs and discussed how traffic use the roads around our school. 
  • Bikers breakfast – For those children who cycled or scooted to school, they could make themselves a smoothie using the smoothie bike!
  • February – The Year 2 children had a Scooter training session with BikeIt Jenny and Sustrans.
  • March – We adopted a hedgehog and promoted SLOW DOWN! around our school island.
  • April – The Big Pedal – Children were encouraged to ride or scoot into school for a fortnight in order to achieve ‘The Big Pedal’.  We had the Smoothie bike again and Mrs Phillips ran a scooter club at lunchtimes.

And what next….

June 26th we are taking part in SnaZZy ShoE Day for BRAKE and will once again take to the streets to promote safer use of our roads.

Eco Council will continue to do a weekly count of the number of bikes and scooters parked in the bike sheds. 

The Golden lock competition will continue – every so often the golden lock is placed on a bike or scooter parked in the bike sheds.  If it’s your bike or scooter then you can come to the office, unlock the padlock and choose yourself a prize!

Any Parents or relatives willing to help us out by joining us on 26th June for our Snazzy Shoes Walk, please pop into the school office and let us know when you are available.  Many Thanks!