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School Governing Body

The school governing body divides it's work between three committees that each meet every half term. All governors can be contacted through the school office.

The Whole Governing Body

All governors meet together to monitor the implementation of school policies, to make strategic decisions about the work of the school and to ratify the work of the sub-committees.

The Chair of the Governing Body is Linda Hayes.

The Resources Sub-Committee

This sub-committee meets to monitor the financial decisions made within school. It also sets and monitors policies to do with the employment of staff. Their final responsibility is to monitor the management and development of the school buildings and grounds.

This sub-committee is chaired temporarily by 

The Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that policies relating to the curriculum are being implemented effectively in school. They also monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

This sub-committee is chaired by Jack Davies

Constitution of the Governing Body

Each member of the governing body represents a particular part of the school community. Each governor is nominated or elected by the relevant part of the school community. Each governor serves a term of four years from their election/nomination.

Governor                                                        Date of                      Sub-committee

                                                                       appointment              membership

Headteacher Governor

Sean Taylor                                                   09/2019                     Resources

Parent Governors

Felix Umolu                                                   07/2023                     Resources

Rachael Young                                               07/2023                    Teaching and Learning

Claire Kirby                                                    11/2021                     Teaching and Learning

Bryony Stala                                                   07/2023                    Resources

Staff Governor

Clair Phillips (Teacher in school)                  03/2024                    Teaching and Learning

The Governing Body can choose to co-opt additional governors with particular skills or experience

Co-opted Governors

Karen Grove                                                    09/2021                    Teaching and Learning

Linda Hayes                                                     09/2021                    Resources

Cathy Baggott                                                 10/2019                    Teaching and Learning

Jacqueline Davis                                             10/2019                    Teaching and Learning

Simon Rose                                                   02/2019                     Resources

The Governing body can also appoint associate governors with relevant skills or experience. These governors can vote on decisions in sub-committees but not as part of the whole governing body

Helen Aldred (Deputy Headteacher)               01/2020                  Teaching and Learning

Copies of the meeting minutes can be found in our Governor Zone via the below link:

Meeting Attendance Register