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Geography at Foundry Lane is taught through topics covering all the areas of the Geography National Curriculum: locational knowledge, place knowledge, physical and human geography, and geographical skills and fieldwork.

Our Geography Vision

At Foundry Lane, we aim to engage and fascinate our children about the world we live in and to encourage pupils to be curious and enthusiastic to discover the world around them both near and far through the teaching of Geography.

We want the children to have an awareness of the diversity of landscapes across the world and how these have developed in the way they have. We aim to encourage our children to see how humans have had an impact on the world in a range of ways, both positive and negative and our responsibilities within this. We aim to help children to make sense of, understand and thrive within the unique context of the Shirley area that they live in, using our proximity to the City of Southampton, the M27 and our place within the world around us. We do this by giving children a variety of experiences including trips, residentials and curriculum days. Pupils are equipped with knowledge about local and global locations while deepening their understanding of different places and geographical processes, and how the physical and human worlds interact.

Our Geography learning links to our school values; children will develop a love for Geography and immerse themselves into their local community and the world we live in. They will show kindness to the environment and appreciate the natural world and aspire and be resilient to take the skills and knowledge that they have learnt throughout their time at Foundry Lane and build upon these after they leave. Geography will support children to become creative, independent learners in the wider world and be able to problem solve using their critical thinking that they have developed throughout their years at Foundry Lane. 

Our Geography topics for 2023-24 are:

  • Year 1 - Weather, Map Skills and Where we live
  • Year 2 - Little Blue Planet (continents and oceans), Southampton and Perth, Kenya and Canada
  • Year 3 - Contrasting settlements - Shirley and Lyndhurst, Spain
  • Year 4 - Polar Regions, Coasts, U.S.A.
  • Year 5 - Rivers, Brazil/Rainforests
  • Year 6 - Natural Disasters, Mountains

The children also have the opportunity to enhance their fieldwork skills on several geography-themed trips, including visits to Shirley and Lyndhurst in Year 3, coastal studies at Hooke Court in Year 4, conducting river investigations at Testwood Lakes in Year 5, and developing map and compass skills at Stubbington in Year 6.

Year 3 conducting research in Lyndhurst: 

Year 6 at Stubbington working on their orienteering skills:


Year 6 researching and presenting about Natural Disasters:

Geography presentation

Uploaded by Foundry Lane Primary School Southampton on 2023-03-23.

Geography presentation 2

Uploaded by Foundry Lane Primary School Southampton on 2023-03-24.

Year 4 recently went on their residential to Hooke Court, where they visited the beach and took part in several activities linked to their Geography unit 'Coasts'.