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E Safety

Welcome to the E-Safety page!

Here you will find useful resources to support your child at home.

CEOP Home Learning Support

CEOP is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command.  They support the Think U Know education program in the UK. 

Think U Know have produced support and activities which you can do at home.  These are particularly useful during this time of uncertainty where children are using technology not only to access their education but also to keep in contact with friends and family. 

Below is a link to their Home Learning Packs which are designed for primary children. 

Do you know the age restrictions of games and social media sites/apps your children may be accessing? 

By clicking on some of the images it will take you to a leaflet with some guidance from the SWGFL.

Twitter 13+

Instagram 13+

Snapchat 13+

Facebook 13+

WhatsApp 16+

Roblox 7+

YouTube 13+

Tik Tok 13+

Fortnite 12+

Minecraft 13+

Twitch 13+


Click on the image below to find out more about these social networks

Sharing Photos

Here is a link to some tips from the BBC about how to share photos of your child safely online.

Websites for Children

Think U Know / CEOP have created some new resources and videos to support children.  Click the link here to find out more. 

Websites for Parents


As some of you may be aware, Snapchat added a new feature.  You can share your location with others and it will show this location on a map, 'Snap Map'.  Obviously this is very concerning especially as so many young people use this app and may not be aware of the risks.

How to switch off Snap Map location sharing

  • When in photo-taking mode, pinch the screen to open Snap Map
  • Touch the settings cog in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap "Ghost Mode" to switch off location sharing
  • Photos and videos posted to Snapchat's public 'Our Story' will still be discoverable on the map 

Here are some links to help you understand the feature and some of the risks involved. Click on the pictures below.   Please ensure you keep your children safe!


E-Safety Leaflets

NSPCC ESafety Advice

Click here on the link to find out what it is and how to keep your child safe while using this new fun app. 

Here is another link for you to keep up to date with keeping children safe online, particularly with social media, and especially as over the holidays children will want to keep in touch with their friends.  There is a short video which encourages the children to stay safe online and to tell an adult especially when they've been upset. Think before you post!