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Civic Award Camp

Civic Award Camp 1

Our Mayan Masks!

The children have been hard at work, producing alternative endings to the 'Boy in the striped pjyamas.' We understand that this is a particularly sad book at the end, but the children have shown real interest in the story. They have also produced some really uplifting and exciting pieces of writing to show how the story could end in a more happier (or in some cases equally as sad) way!

Our next class novel will be 'Wonder.' We try and get a balance throughout the year of modern, traditional and from a variety of cultures. Thank you for all of the positive parental feedback that we have recieved regarding our texts. 

This week we will be starting our science topic on: fuel for life. 

Part of this includes the children learning about the dangers of illegal drugs. We will begin by sharing a leaflet, made by other Year 6 children, and then will follow up with a PSHE/Science lesson. The children will also create a series of mini e mails in their science books, role playing a potential situation involving drugs. Please speak to your class teacher, or Mrs Loftus, if you have any concerns.

The leaflet has been uploaded and is made for Year 6 children - moving into Secondary Education. 

The Year 6 Team

Hello everyone!

We are all tucked in to bed for our final night at Stubbington! Today has been another busy day for us!

6C enjoyed opening their mammal hotels this morning.

6L& 6C both went to the beach this morning and enjoyed a blustery day building sand scupltures linked to Macbeth, creating rock pools and hunting for fossils. 

In the afternoon, 6L and 6C had fun using a compass to complete an orienteering course and learned all about different adaptations of birds. 6C completed the earthquake adventure course!

This evening Mr Taylor's house, the owls, were victorious in the house song competition - a mash up of popular hits! 

See you all tomorrow - our coach leaves at about 1:00; please can we ask parents to assist us in getting the luggage off the coach and into the playground so we can get the children safely to their parents. 

Good evening everyone!

We've had another action packed day today! We all enjoyed the wide game tonight around the Stubbington grounds. Our house songs are coming along well. 

Each afternoon from 4:30-5:00 we take part in team challenges, in our house groups: an iceberg challenge, a memory movement game, a robot writer challenge and some tangram puzzles. 

6L & 6C have enjoyed studying the mammals that stayed in our hotels last night.

6H have enjoyed creating sculptures and rock pools on the beach. 

This afternoon, 6L tackled the earthquake assault course, 6C enjoyed team games in eggtreme challenge and 6H set up their mammal hotels. 

Enjoy the photos! 

Year 6 children & teaching team xxxx

Stubbington 2018

We have had a lovely two days at Stubbington!

6L have enjoyed eggstreme challenge, shelter building, a mapping course and have set up small mammal hotels.

6C have enjoyed shelter building, a mapping course, looking at the adaptations of birds, orienteering using a compass and have set up small mammal hotels.

6H have enjoyed shelter building, a mapping course, eggstreme challenge and earthquake.

Tonight 6H and 6L had some fun with clay while 6C painted 'rainy day' pictures. We have also enjoyed a night walk around the grounds, a wildlife talk and saw some professional wildlife pictures!

For regular updates, please check our official facebook page!

Year 6 xx

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Homework for 16th November

Homework for 9th November

Remembrance Pictures 6L

Remembrance Pictures 6L 1
Remembrance Pictures 6L 2
Remembrance Pictures 6L 3
Remembrance Pictures 6L 4
Remembrance Pictures 6L 5
Remembrance Pictures 6L 6
Remembrance Pictures 6L 7
Remembrance Pictures 6L 8
Remembrance Pictures 6L 9
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Remembrance Pictures 6L 22
Remembrance Pictures 6L 23
Remembrance Pictures 6L 24
Remembrance Pictures 6L 25
Remembrance Pictures 6L 26
Remembrance Pictures 6L 27
Remembrance Pictures 6L 28

Homework for 2nd November

18th October Homework

As part of the English curriculum, pupils will be making a comparison between medias.  They will be making a  comparison between the Holes text by Louis Sachar and the film version.  The film is rated as a PG.  If you would not like your child to watch the film, please speak to your classteacher by Monday 15th October.  

Mrs Homewood  Mrs Loftus Mrs Cousens

Homework for 12th October 2018

Homework for Friday 6th October - please see your class teacher if you need spare copies of the tasks.

Homework for the 28th September is attached. Please see your class teacher if you need any extra sheets.

Year 6 Homework overview sheet for Friday 21st September is attached. 

Please see your class teacher if your require extra sheets.

Friday 21st September HHomework

Stubbington Meeting Information

Welcome to Year 6!

Thank you to all of the children for their hard work over the last two weeks!  They have produced some very high quality writing already - we are very proud of them. 

We will be holding a Stubbington Drop in next week - details to follow shortly. We have uploaded the power point from the previous meeting, in case you were unable to make it. 

Mrs Loftus smiley

Making bread!

Making bread!  1
Making bread!  2
Making bread!  3
Making bread!  4
Making bread!  5
Making bread!  6
Making bread!  7
Please remember to bring back private peaceful letters by Friday. Also, we have sent permission slips for the Nuffield trip home last week - apologies that this is so close to stubbington. We look forward to seeing you all at parents evening.


We have enjoyed lots of activities today! We all went together and visited Lee on Solent beach, where we went fossil hunting, made volcano sculptures and creating rock pools. 

This afternoon we learned about adaptations for different birds and enjoyed a orientation course where we had to find different spots around the centre.

This evening we enjoyed the song contest; the 'Foxes' were the winning house. (Mrs Loftus was very pleased as she was the house leader) 


We have had a brilliant day today! We have both completed the team building assault course, Earthquake! 6C built shelters and did a mapping course - 6L managed to salvage 3 eggs during 'Egg'streme challlenge! We are really proud of their team work this week! Some of the boys have had a game of putting tonight after showers, with Mr Taylor, while the girls washed their hair. We all slept well last night and enjoyed a wide running game tonight, with a night walk!

See you all soon!

Year 6 Xxxx


Good evening! We have had a lovely second day here! 

6L have enjoyed finding small mammals in their hotels, making shelters out of logs and doing a mapping course! One unfortunate group got a little bit wet during the shelters, but luckily they could go and get dried off straight away! 

6C have also enjoyed finding small mammals - they managed to catch a yellow necked mouse, who was very jumpy! We also completed eggstreme challenge, where we managed to work as a team to earn products to keep our egg safe. Only one of our eggs cracked in the catapult. 


In the evening, we have created small woodland creatures out of clay and enjoyed a wildlife photograph presentation; during our hide time, we spotted a badger and a fox! 


See you all soon!

Year 6, Mrs Loftus, Miss Clark, Mr Taylor, Miss Stevens and Mr Burt 

Monday Stubbington

Hello! We have had a really good first day at Stubbington! We have put out our small mammal hotels today and are hoping to have some creatures to study tomorrow; also we have looked around the conservation area for evidence of wildlife around the centre - many of the children found different evidence including; droppings, habitat and food remains. We have also discussed how mammals are adapted to suit their environment and how they are classified as a mammal. 

We will update the website every evening with pictures!

Year 6, Mrs Loftus, Miss Clark, Mr Taylor, Mr Burt & Miss Stevens 

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