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Stubbington Residential Visit November 2021

Home learning - Physical Education ideas

Have you read these...?


Thank you for the lovely photographs that you are sending to us. We love seeing what inspires you and have tried to create a home learning package that covers all aspects of learning to create a rich and balanced learning experience.

This email has been sent today, but we also felt if was important to post this on the year 5 page too so that it is widely shared. 


Dear Parents and Carers

We are delighted to announce that your child's school report for this academic year will be available to collect from your child's class teacher or class representative from next week.

For safety reasons, we would ask that you please only come on the specified day for your child's colour group, as reports have been organised for these particular days.  We would also ask that only one parent or carer comes to collect the report, you are of course welcome to bring your child with you so that they can say goodbye to their current class teacher.

Please be aware that some times may get busier than others and there may be a short wait before you are able to enter the school site.

There will be a one way system to follow around the school site, please enter via the Imperial Avenue gate at any time between 3.30-4.30pm.   Please respect social distancing as you queue and walk around the site.

·        Monday 6th July:  3.30-4.30pm  whole school red group (T-Rex)

·        Tuesday 7th July:  3.30-4.30pm  whole school yellow group (Stegosaurus)

·        Wednesday 8th July: 3.30-4.30pm  whole school green group (Diplodocus)

·        Thursday 9th July:  3.30-4.30pm  whole school blue group (Triceratops)

If you are unable to collect your child's report on their allocated day, reports will either be sent home with your child on the Friday if they are currently in school or, you will be able to collect reports from the Imperial Avenue gate between 10am and 2pm on Friday 10th July.  If you are currently shielding or in isolation and won't be able to collect your child's report next week, please email the school office and we can make alternative arrangements for you.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you.


Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm and we hope to see you next week. 

The Year 5 Team

Wow! So many amazing examples of home learning...


Hi all. We are aware that many children are spending more time on electrical devices are their online safety is extremely important. Please encourage your children to complete the activities using the link below. These are all related to the importance of keeping safe online. 

Thank you

Year 5 Team



A big hello to all of our Year 5 community - we hope you are all keeping well. Just a few updates for you...

  • New home learning packs can be collected following the usual procedure;
  • If you are a key worker and your child is attending school, please ensure you don’t let your child bring anything from home except their lunch, a named water bottle, a sun hat and a fruit or vegetable snack for the morning. Due to allergies in school, please don’t send in cereal bars, snacks containing seeds or nuts and oranges;
  • We really do appreciate hearing what you are doing at home - keep sending the photos and emails;

  • Use the Year 5 email address if you have any questions about Stubbington and these will be forwarded to Mrs Loftus (there is someone information regarding Stubbington at the top of this page)

Thank you for your continued support 

Year 5 Teamsmiley

More Spanish Fun!


Well done Max from 5D who has used his time effectively to learn  a new skill. He has signed up to the virtual orchestra and has been enjoying learning how to play this weeks song Shape of you, on the piano. Can't wait to hear you play this during a Worker of the Week assembly! 

Why not take advantage of this time and develop a new skill of your own?


Home Learning Packs

Hi. Hope you are keeping well. The next learning pack will be available to collect from school from Monday from 10.00 am using the Imperial Avenue entrance. This will be available to collect from then on during the hours of 10.00 am and 2.00pm. An electronic version will then be uploaded on the website if you would prefer to use this. New Purple Mash tasks will be available from Monday also. 

Thank you for your continued support and remember we can be contacted using the following email:


Take care

Year 5 Team

BBC Bitesize

This is an amazing website which covers all subjects. It also include supportive videos to help children understand some tricky concepts. Visit the following link..


You can even learn a new language!!


Outdoor Learning for today...

More amazing home learning! Well done Year 5 we are extremely proud!

TT Rockstars Battle

This is a really exciting week as a Battle has been arranged between Year 5 and 6. 

Start practising, as this is due to commence Friday 15th for one week only!

Let's smash this Year 5!


Good Luck


Year 5 Team

More outdoor fun...

This website offers exciting activities for the whole family. It is free to sign up using the following link


Stay safe

Year 5 Team

Southampton Cultural Services

Southampton Cultural Services are offering free online access to the following websites so that you can follow a learning path which interests you. We would love you to share what you have learned from these pages. Remember we can be contacted using the following email: year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk


Tudor House Online - https://tudorhouseandgarden.com/hands-on-learning/online-resources/

SeaCity Online - https://seacitymuseum.co.uk/online-activities

Southampton City Art Gallery Online - https://www.southamptoncityartgallery.com/resources/

Southampton Museums and Gallery Learning YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO35IK8Od0pcDRljf65tVFA/videos?disable_polymer=1


Stay safe and enjoy

From the Year 5 Team

TT Rockstars' Battle results

TT Rockstars

Thank you all for took part in the Year 5 Battle of TT Rockstars. Well done 5D who were the overall winnders! Please practise regularly as Mr Burt is planning on organising another battle soon. 

Keep up the good work. 

Year 5 Team

Outdoor learning for today!


Our school needs you! Help us win £5,000 of National Book Tokens for the school library - and get £100 for yourself! Enter the competition online, it only takes a minute: http://www.nationalbooktokens.com/schools

Thank you in advance

Year 5 Team

Online safety - a polite reminder

As a school we try to keep in touch with as many members of the school community as possible, and we use a variety of methods to achieve this. We are so pleased to hear from you all via a hi 5 on Marvellous Me or an email to let us know you are all safe and well. For members of our school community aged 13 years and over, we also post messages on Facebook to keep you updated and informed. This is just a gentle reminder about the age appropriateness of this social media app and that no one under the age of 13 should be liking our school posts. By all means show your children using your own account and feel free to like the page. 


This is the legal requirement for Facebook:


Facebook: requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of their terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13.


Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe online

Year 5 Team

Some more examples of fantastic home learning - even some book review from George 5D

Be kind ...to yourself


Here is a link which is worth looking at to support personal, emotional and mental well-being




Stay safe from the Year 5 Team


We would like to say hello to all our Year 5 community. We hope you are all staying safe and well. Just a reminder that hard copies of the new Home Learning have been copied for ALL pupils. These are now available to collect from the school office between 9.30 and 2 using the Imperial Avenue entrance.

Remember that Home Learning can be all sorts of activities from baking to gardening; from arts and crafts to board games. We have had so many amazing photographs of you all enjoying these types of activities as well as the amazing effort you are putting into projects. Our focus is still rainforests - in particular Brazil.

We have recently sent reminders of online safety as this is especially important during this time. Keep an eye on the website as we are constantly adding fun activities and daily riddles. We would love to know if you have anything that  you have found that you would like to share with the community

Just a reminder that it is VE Day on Friday. If you are planning to mark this occasion, we would love to see how  you celebrated...have fun!

We can be contacted by email using year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk. We really enjoy hearing from you all. Thank you for all the good wishes; it is much appreciated. We are all doing well and continuing to stay safe. 

Year 5 Team.  

Staying safe

During this time, your child may be spending more time using the internet to support their learning. Please ensure that while they are doing their research they are in an area where you can regularly check on them. It is important to remind your child of staying safe online, and that the same rules apply at home as they would in school. These rules are set to keep them safe


If you would like support in helping talk to your child about staying safe online, this is an excellent starting point:



Stay safe

Year 5 Team

To all you budding scientists:

Operation Ouch is a science programme aimed at children. This is available for free on you tube!



Let us know what interesting facts you discover!

Well done Sophia for the work completed on your Rainforest project. Your presentation is excellent

Riddle of the day

The answer to yesterday's riddle is:


Today's riddle is:

How far can a fox run into the woods?

Good luck!


White Rose Maths Family Friday Challenge:




Spanish Fun! You'll find all these pages in your home pack.

Spider monkey research by Isaline 5D

Money sense

Natwest has a series of fun, interactive resources to introduce the concept of money at home. These are aimed at various age groups; use the following link to find out more. Thank you Mrs Lush for sharing this:




Make the most of these rainy days by making your own rain gauge!

Learning packs update:

Hello everyone, how are you all? 


We’re sorry that we didn’t get the newsletter to you yesterday, it is still a work in progress.  We have been very busy in school, it’s funny how there is still so much to do here.!


Learning packs have been created and they are almost ready and you can collect them from Monday 4th may between 10am and 2pm, Monday - Friday.  


Please note that printed packs have been made for ALL year groups this time as we had such a high demand for them last time, you don’t need to request these.  Electronic copies will also be available on year group pages from next week. 


Please come to the Imperial Avenue gate from Monday and we will bring your packs out to you. 


We miss you all a great deal and are still here for you if you need anything.  

Riddle of the day:

Thank you for yesterday's riddle Thedara

The answer is:

my name

Today's riddle is:

What has a face and hands but no body?

Remember to email if you think you have the correct answer, or if you have a riddle you would like to share with the year group.


White Rose Maths


Thank you Alyssa and Poppy for all you hard work at home

Thank you Ellie for this fantastic example of home learning linked to our rainforest topic

News Flash!

Battle of the Bands!

Year 5 TT Rockstars Battle is due to commence tomorrow at 8.00 am for one week only. 


Log on to battle and see which class wins. We will share the scores once the competition has ended. 


If you need password reminder, please contact year5@foundrylaneprimaryschool.co.uk


Thank you Mrs Mabey for sharing these amazing templates for bunting so that we can have the opportunity to celebrate VE Day in style. 

If you would like to learn more about VE Day, use the following link to BBC Newsround. 

Please share photographs is you have decorated, or are marking the occasion by doing something special. 


Riddle of the day!

The answer to yesterday's riddle is:

a map!

Thank you to Thedara from 5C for today's riddle:

Other people use it, but it belongs to me. What is it?

Good Luck!


White Rose Maths

Outdoor learning linked to rainforests

Well done Rose for producing an amazing Rainforest project

Inspirational art work from Alisha 5C

A Bee Hotel made by Bella, Ben and Evie

Ancient Egypt by Hannah 5B

Home Learning examples

Riddle of the day...

Answer to previous riddle is..


Well done to Thedara from 5C for guessing this correctly!

Today's riddle is:

Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?


White Rose maths

Riddle of the day!

The answer to yesterday's riddle is...

Are you asleep yet?

Today's riddle...

If things go wrong, what can you always count on?

Good luck!

White Rose Maths - family Friday

Why not have a go at involving others in some fun maths!!

laugh Well done Thedara for solving the riddle. We are very impressed!

Outside fun in the sun...

White Rose maths - Day 4

Riddle of the day!

The answer to yesterday's riddle is...


Today's riddle is...

What answer can you never answer yes to?

Good Luck!


Riddle of the day!

The answer to yesterday's riddle is...


Did you guess?

Today's riddle is...

What becomes wetter the more it dries?

Feel free to email us if you think you know the answer: year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk

We will acknowledge this on the website!



White Rose maths - Day 3

Some outdoor activities for the whole family

White Rose maths task - Day 2

Home Learning

Riddle of the day!

Answer to yesterday's riddle:


New riddle

What is full of holes but still holds water?

Feel free to email the answer (no cheating) and we will congratulate you on the Year 5 page!!

Riddle of the day!!

Year 5 thought it might be fun to have a daily riddle to solve!!

We will post the answer the following day. It is something that the whole family can think about!!

Here is your first riddle:


A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remains, what is it?

Home Learning for the following two weeks

Please find below the Home Learning for Year 5 pupils. We would like to share this opportunity to thank you for all your support during these unusual circumstances. The pictures and lovely words through your emails have cheered us up, and it has been wonderful being able to share in what the children have achieved. We try to ensure there is an appropriate balance of work - some to consolidate skills, some to explore concepts and apply skills, some to have fun as a family, some to experiment and learn a new skill and some to learn about something new. We also try to offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities and cater for a wide range of interests. Please pick and choose from the range of activities offered and talk to your child about what interests them. We realise that there is work set on Purple Mash, as well as Home Learning booklets and daily updates on this website however this is just to try and cover all needs as explained previously. If you have any concerns or questions please email year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk


Suggested timetable for home learning

Rainforest Topic

Thank you Miss Hoskins for locating the following websites and work to link with our rainforest topic. This will definitely bring the topic to life for all of us. Please share any pictures linked to this learning so that we can share this with Miss Hoskins and the rest of the school!







Outdoor Learning

Thank you Miss Hoskins for all your amazing outdoor learning ideas. Here are a few more ideas:


Learning to draw animals

Try something different! Jane Chapman (who is a well known illustrator) has created videos showing step by step instructions on how to draw a range of creatures. We are extremely lucky as these have been created uniquely for our school. Please take a look at these and share your drawings so we can show her what you have achieved. The short videos can be found on our website by clicking on Children - home learning - Jane Chapman. Thank you for this amazing opportunity Jane!

Premier League Primary Stars

As a school, we are lucky enough to have a link with Premier League Primary Stars. Due to the current circumstances, they are offering free registration for parents. There are many football related activities to complete which will consolidate real life application of number skills. We have attached the link below:



Year 5 Team




Support for Learning Maths at home


White Rose has published home school learning material with visual guides to support the teaching of maths at home. Each unit will be uploaded on a daily basis. 


Much of our planning at school is based on materials produced by White Rose as they show the maths concepts visually and work through giving children the opportunity to practise the skill to become confident; apply the new skill in a range of different contexts and show a depth of their understanding by solving more complex problems which require reasoning skills.

Talk for writing

Here is a fantastic unit to encourage you and your family to your child about their writing before they commit pen to paper. 

Please send us your work. We love to see what you are achieving and what is inspiring you!

Telling the Time

This is an important life skill, but with technology as it is many children struggle to tell the time on an analogue clock. If this is a skill which you think your child perhaps needs practise at, we have found few websites which may help:



Hope this is useful

Year 5 Team



Third Space is a fantastic website which if free at the moment for parents and has a step by step guide to help teach how to tell the time.

We have shared the link below


Hope this is useful

Year 5 Team

Practise telling the time...


Hi to all of our Year 5 pupils and families. Hope you are all keeping safe and well and have managed to have some fun times over the last few weeks. 

New tasks will be available to complete on Purple Mash tomorrow. We have really enjoyed using this interactive teaching tool and really appreciate the messages sent to us by the children. Thank you to those of you that are completing the tasks. 

New Learning packs are being collated ready for next week. These will be downloaded as electronic versions onto the Year Group page. If you cannot access them electronically, please email year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk asap so that we can have a hard copy made available for you to collect from the school. 

If you have not seen it yet, we have put together a montage of the Foundry Lane Community showing you we are still here and thinking of you all.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication during this difficult time and we are thoughts are with you and your families. Stay safe

From the Year 5 team. 


Hi everyone. We hope you and your families are staying safe and well.

We are receiving many updates for ideas to keep the family entertained and websites to try. 

Here are two fantastic websites which are offering free sign up for parents at the moment due to the circumstance:



I have also heard of people having family 'Bake Offs'. Please email us if you have ideas as we will keep adding the this page.

Stay safe and well

Best Wishes

Year 5


Another 'Family Fun' idea..

Holiday Fun

Hope you and your families are all well. Here are some fun activities to keep the whole family entertained. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you support and for sharing the wonderful work you are doing at home. 

Best Wishes

Year 5 Team

Well done Olivia - some uplifting artwork

Thank you for sharing Lola...an amazing rainbow!

Mindfulness for the whole family to enjoy!

NHS Nightingale Artwork Update

Hi all, it has come to our attention that the addresses to send artwork to are inaccurate. NHS Nightingale would still love to see your children's artwork, but please could you photograph and upload to #RainbowsForNightingale. 

Thank you for your support

More First News...

Thank you Mr Dickson for finding this fun challenge. Let us know how you get on by emailing us at year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk


NHS Nightingale Art Work 


In a bid to cheer up to those who may be treated there, NHS Nightingale are requesting A4 artwork featuring rainbows and positive messages to decorate the walls of the wards. If you would like to send artwork for this purpose, please send to the following address:


Rainbows for Nightingale

24 Pullman Close



CT12 6BT


Please forward the artwork to us too so that this can be displayed on the school website. Send to year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk


Many thanks,

Year 5 Team



During this difficult time, it is great to see you are taking important time to have fun. We have so many great pictures of you working at home, and having fun. There are many fantastic examples of home school learning linked to the Ancient Egyptians and an example of one family making their own Lava Lamp. 

Keep the pictures and ideas coming as we have had positive feedback about these daily updates and how much you appreciate what other people are doing.


Thank you to Ellis and Sophia's mum for sharing your April Fool's joke. This was so funny!!

Ellis and Sophia were told they needed to attend school so the teachers could mark their work and were dressed in their school uniform! They took this well though!!


Maths Problem of the Day

Fancy taking the role as film director? Why not try the following...

Outdoor learning 


Maths problem of the day

The first page of problems is aimed at Key Stage 1, and the second page at KS2

Give it a go!!

For all you budding chefs out there...

We know that a lot of you in Year 5 enjoy cooking, and we have even been fortunate enough to try some! If you are cooking, please email photographs of this for the website as we would love to share them with the wider community and find out what everyone is doing!

Find a recipe for cupcake below...

What's in the News?

Thank you Miss Aldred for subscribing to the children's newspaper First News. I have uploaded one of the articles below and there is a crossword to complete. The first text has the words for the crossword underlined and the second one you will need to find the words yourself. So you can choose the one you feel is most appropriate.

Happy reading



Well done James for completing your information text about the Ancient Eyptians. We hope you enjoyed completing this!


Well done Isaline for completing your information page about Ancient Egypt and even undertaking some work experience!! Looks like this is keeping you busy!

Daily Scavenger Hunt

Keep active with these daily scavenger hunts! Fun for all the family!

Well done Iwan for completing your project on the solar system. What a lovely way to showcase everything you have learned. We hope you had fun researching and creating.


Well done Luka for completing this fantastic reproduction of an Ancient Egyptian pyramid using lego. An extremely creative response to the task!
Thank you to Sophia from 5B for completing an amazing project on the planets. She recommended a fantastic song linked to the Solar System which can be found on YouTube: Story Bots Outer Space. She also used her own information book and information from the website to complete this excellent information page. Thank you for sharing this and keep up the good work!

Hi all, 

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and are keeping well. We would love to see photos of family activities and would welcome any ideas that you would like us to share with others.


Thank you to the children completing activities on Purple Mash, these are being regularly checked and comment on by your child's teacher. Just a reminder that this is an online resource, and so please ensure tasks are being completed where an adult is available to monitor this. 


I hope the children are having fun with their learning packs and the next unit of work will be uploaded on Friday. If you require a paper copy of this, please email at your earliest convenience using the following email: year5@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk 


This email can be used to contact us with your pictures and ideas for activities too!

Suzi Hoskins (our Outdoor Educator) has given us lots of ideas for science based activities which look fantastic. We will post one of these a day for the next five days.


Thank you for your continued support. We hope you and your family our keeping safe and well. 

Best Wishes

Mrs Clifford, Mr Burt and Mr Dickson

Bringing science alive!

Maths Problem of the day

Create your own music

Interested in football - try the following activities...

Maths game:

This is a game called countdown. Cards are picked and a target number is generated. It can be fun for the whole family to see how close they can get to the target number and the children are practising their maths skills without even realising!


Have fun!


We have just been sent the following link which has free online books for the children to read...




Happy reading!

Home School Learning Packs

We are currently working on the new home school learning packs for the two week period commencing on 3rd April. Your constructive comments on the last pack would be appreciate and we will take try to take as much of this on board when designing the new packs. 

At the moment we are considering the following:

  • Five a day maths
  • Maths task based on four operations, place value or fractions (to deepen understanding of these areas)
  • Spelling practice of rules taught 
  • Grammar and punctuation practice of concepts already studied
  • Joe Wicks work out - I hope the whole family is joining in for this!!
  • Science work - adaptation
  • Topic based work - Rainforests

As well as these, we will continue to add any interesting indoor and outdoor activities.

It would be great if children can practise their times tables on TTRockstars daily

If you find an amazing idea for keeping the family entertained, please email us so that we can share these with others. 

Thank you smiley

If possible, we would love you to email pictures of what you are doing at home so that we can praise the children and have a more regular communication. The newsletter was published this week with pictures of children keeping fit with Joe Wicks; learning to cook; working outside and lots more. It was lovely to see these. 

Design a playground competition

The lovely company, who installed our recent playground equipment, are running a design your own playground competition. We thought this could be a fantastic opportunity to 'Get Creative'.


Competition information

Well done everyone who is completing the tasks which were set on Purple Mash. We have attached a suggested timetable which you may find useful. 

I have heard of many families enjoying board games, quizzes, cooking and creating scavenger hunts which sounds amazing. 

Thank you for your continued support from the Year 5 team

Suggested daily timetable for Year 5

In 5C, we have been exploring the idea of sacred within the Islamic religion. As part of this concept, we designed front covers for the Qur'an.

Dissolving - We have been learning about dissolving with Mrs Hoskins in our outdoor environment

Learning Arabic with Zane - over the next few days we will have the opportunity to learn how to write our name in Arabic

Drama in 5C linked to Clockwork by Phillip Pullman