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Hi everyone - We hope you are  continuing to keep safe and well. We all miss you very much and hope that you have now got used to doing your learning at home! We have added lots of new information to our website page - including ideas that are a bit more crafty and fun - please feel free to email us any pictures of the things you are getting up to! Keep smiling! 

- Miss Horn, Miss Lyon-Maris, Mrs Rolt and Mrs Talbot 

Home Learning Packs


New learning packs will be available from Monday 18th May and can be collected between 10am and 2pm, Monday - Friday from the Imperial Avenue gate. 


These are available for all children. 

Electronic copies are available by clicking the link below. 


Your child also has daily Purple Mash tasks - follow this link to find them! 


E - Safety


Please do take a moment to read this week’s newsletter, particularly the E-Safety section.  We’ve shared resources to help your children stay safe online, particularly during school closures.  We have noticed that some of our pupils have been “liking” our school Facebook page.  Please bear in mind that the minimum age for using Facebook is 13. Their terms of use state, “Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of our terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13.”

Home Learning Photo Gallery!
Picture 1 Luisa in 4TR made an elephant!
Picture 2 Luisa's Spongebob wall
Picture 3 Luisa's elephant!
Picture 4 A happy report from Elijah!
Picture 5 Some happy news from Nicole!
Picture 6 Elijah's amazing states of matter work!
Picture 7 What a lovely account of what Hope is up to!
Picture 8 Self portrait in veg by Rayan!
Picture 9 Holly's whale, Adam, for the art world record!
Picture 10 Luisa's Cezanne image
Picture 11 Luisa's amazing news
Picture 12 Frans Hals - Young Man holding a Skull by Oskar
Picture 13 Barney's amazing copy of The Siphon
Picture 14 The Siphon by Leger, copied by Barney
Picture 15 Oskar enjoying a walk!
Picture 16 Oskar creating a harmonica!
Picture 17 Baking time!
Picture 18 Mia celebrated a lockdown 9th birthday!
Picture 19 Another fabulous painting re-creation from Nicole!
Picture 20 Mally rides and has a book lending service!
Picture 21 Ellen baking VE Day cakes!
Picture 22 Ellen's finished cakes!
Picture 23 Ellen's VE day bunting!
Picture 24 Eric's second picture
Picture 25 Eric created a wonderful piece of artwork.
Picture 26 Which famous painting has Phoebe recreated?
Picture 27 Rufus baked and sold some delicious flapjacks!
Picture 28 Luisa's fruit portrait
Picture 29 Luisa's painted prtrait
Picture 30 Luisa's snail
Picture 31 Kuba's NHS sign
Picture 32 Mia and Max have been practising table tennis!
Picture 33 Amazing knitting by Mia!
Picture 34 Mia's super tiger report!
Picture 35 Wonderful spelling by Luisa
Picture 36 Barney's tiger report
Picture 37 Jayden's fruit picture
Picture 38 Barney created a picture of his Dad.
Picture 39 Some tasty looking cakes!
Picture 40 Oskar creating a rainbow!
Picture 41 Oskar hard at work on his learning packs.
Picture 42 George 4TR created this wonderful Pokemon picture.
Picture 43 Luisa created a wonderful still life..
Picture 44 Jayden's amazing Tiger report
Picture 45 Luisa's amazing tiger report
Picture 46 Che and Indiana are enjoying learning at home!
Picture 47 Kuba having a lovely time in the Easter holiday!
Picture 48 Kuba working really hard at home!
Picture 49 Holly's been hard at work teaching her toys!
Picture 50 Benji's been doing fantastic coding and algebra!
Picture 51 Barney's amazing sewing!
Picture 52 Look at the incredible result!
Picture 53 Rhys and his sister Lacey working on a DT project!
Picture 54 Ellen's vegan Lemon Drizzle cake!
Picture 55 Rufus and his sister Violet working hard!
Picture 56 Mally created this wonderful rainbow!
Picture 57 Leger's picture Barney used

VE day celebrations - what did you do?

VE day celebrations - what did you do? 1 Ellen's beautifully decorated house.
VE day celebrations - what did you do? 2 Ellen's delicious tea
VE day celebrations - what did you do? 3 Ellen's sister getting ready for VE day
VE day celebrations - what did you do? 4 Ellen's VE day social distancing party
VE day celebrations - what did you do? 5 Isla's VE day bunting
VE day celebrations - what did you do? 6 Mia celebrated in style
Home Learning - Displayboard

smiley Welcome to year 4


Your teachers are Miss Horn in 4H (year leader), Miss Lyon-Maris in 4L and Mrs Talbot and Mrs Rolt who job share in 4TR.


PE days - Don't forget to put your PE kit in your bag.  PE days are Monday and Wednesday , but change when swimming starts.  It is important that you remember your PE shoes for your outdoor PE slot.  Please remember to remove earrings for PE too.  We are not able to tape over the top of ear rings, they do have to be taken out.  


Swimming days - We will let you know about these nearer the time.


Reading - Please read every night if possible.


Times tables - Use your times tables log-in's to use Times Tables Rockstars please.  Our special times tables test will be in June. 


Spelling - Spelling tests will be on Mondays.




Year 4 Isle of Wight Trip


Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the meeting about our forthcoming Isle of Wight trip.


We apologise for the space limitations for the meeting, unfortunately, meeting space is very limited and it's always a challenge to predict how many parents will attend.


We have added a copy of the presentation for those who were unable to attend or who may not have been able to hear all of the information shared.


Please do speak to your child's class teacher if you have any concerns or questions or speak to either Mrs Lugg or Mrs Mabey in the school office.


Miss Horn                      Miss Lyon-Maris                  Mrs Talbot               Mrs Rolt

Year 4 Isle of Wight Trip Parent Presentation

International Day Japanese fish


We will always try to upload the homework for you, but we are sorry this is not always possible.  Do ask your child to come to us if they have lost their homework,  we can always print it out again.  

Please encourage your child to read, and help them to learn their spellings and their times tables.  Homework will always be set on a Friday, and must be handed in by Wednesday.  Thank you for your support with this.

Homework set Friday 20th September to be handed in on Wednesday 25th September please

Last year four!

Fruit Sculpture

Isle of Wight March 2019


We had a lovely time at the Isle of Wight.  On the first day we met at Mayflower Park and travelled via ferry to the Isle of Wight.  Then we visited Dinosaur Expeditions near Brighstone.  We drew dinosaurs, learnt about dinosaurs, found fossils, completed a quiz and walked on the beach hunting fossils.  We even got to take some fossils away with us!


Back at East Dene we had lots of fun making our own beds and we were all very ready to sit down and eat a delicious dinner together.  It was exciting to sleep in dormitories and to all have hot chocolate and a bedtime story together.


The next day was our activity day at East Dene.  We learnt all about erosion on the beach and created Art sculptures.  We took part in team building exercises including getting extremely muddy and a little bit wet.  One of the best bits was creating our own fire and then having a bonfire.  We were so tired by bedtime.


On our last morning, the teachers had to wake us up!  We visited Osborne House where Queen Victoria lived.  We were all very tired on the ferry back home and we ate our lunch talking together about the lovely time that we had had.  We were very sad to have to end our trip but so pleased to see our grown-ups!


Well done year four for your wonderful behaviour and for being so much fun.  We had a super time!








Last year's year four...

Isle of Wight Adventures - Day 2

Isle of Wight Adventures 


We arrived as planned at 10am this morning and have spent a beautiful day exploring Osborne House in the sun. 


Everyone has enjoyed a hearty dinner at East Dene and are now enjoying games on the lawn. 


We will update you with our our adventures as and when we can. 


Please rest assured everyone is happy and well. 

Photos from day one - more to follow as and when we can!