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Week 5 1/2/21


This week we are starting our Superhero topic! We will be mainly focusing on real life superheroes such as nurses, doctors, police, firefighter etc. But children are welcome to think about other story superheroes such as batman, spiderman, wonder woman, Skye, Chase etc. 


This weeks pack which have been sent home are:

Topic - superheroes

Maths - Doubling and Halving

Kinetic Letters

PSE - Emotions game

Physical - Superhero Activities

Superhero Day pack - this is needed for Friday 5th February


We have added some extra activities at the bottom of this page for your child to enjoy!

Year R Superhero Day 2021

Superhero Like You by Dr Ranj


Monday or

Tuesday phonics - or

Year R Phonics Wednesday 3/2/21 ur

Thursday ur



This week we are learning about Real Life Superheroes.  You will be finding out about a different one each day.  Watch the videos to learn more. 

Police Video

Nurse Video

Teachers video

Firefighter Video

How a Firefighter Keeps Safe

Sound mat to support writing

How to write words we don't know the sounds for yet

Superhero Day Writing

We are learning to use our phonics to write simple sentences and captions.  Today we are using a speech bubble to write about who they are dressed as. Here are a choice of 2 videos you can watch to support your speech bubble writing at home. If your child was confident to write their sentences independently last week you might want to challenge them to use the extended sentences video.

If your child requires more support in their writing you may want to download the supported speech bubble which already has I am written on it, this allows the child to focus on just writing the initial sound in the character they are. 

Friday's Superhero Day Writing

I am Cat boy Speech Bubble Writing

Friday's Superhero Day Writing

I am a vet speech bubble writing (extended sentence)


This week we are learning about doubling and halving.  Mrs Burt has recorded some videos to support your learning at home.  Also below are the presentations for the activities. 

Year R Doubling

Year R Halving

Kinetic Letters 

This week we are continuing to teach the children our hand writing program called kinetic letters.  We have a page on our school website which gives you all the information on this and videos on how to form each letter. By clicking on the pencil below your child can watch the video and then have a go at the sheet in their home learning pack. The videos are in order of how we teach them. Enjoy! 


This week we are continuing the Window Cleaner Family and then introducing the Squirter e - letters t i u e

Personal Social and Emotional

Below is this weeks PSE activity.  It is a game where you can talk about different emotions and when you have felt like that.  Enjoy! 

Physical Activities

Can you spell your name and use the answers to do these super exercises? 

Physical Activities

Superhero Day 2021

Below is the pack for the superhero day.  We can't wait to see you all dressed as your superhero!