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Week 3 18/1/21

Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of home learning!

Everything you need should be here but if you need help please don't forget to email YearR@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk


Links are here to print the packs at home otherwise they can be collected on Fridays between 10 and 2.  Remember to return the completed packs when you collect your new one or email your work to yearr@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk




Monday Phonics - ee

Tuesday Phonics -ee

Wednesday 20/1/21 igh

Thursday 21.1.21 igh

Year R Phonics Friday 22 1 21 oa


This week we are continuing with the story of Oi Frog.  Children will be matching, reading and writing initial sounds, words and captions. 

Below are all the documents you need and the story if you need to watch it again.

Topic Documents - Oi Frog

Oi Frog Story

Capital letters, word spaces and full stops

Writing Oi frog sentences



This week the children will be learning number 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.  Each day the children will explore a different number, count out that amount of objects and match it to the correct number.

Below you will find all the documents you need to support your child's learning and some videos. 

Maths Number 11 Video

Maths Number 12 Video

Maths Number 13 Video

Maths Number 14 Video

Maths Number 15 Video

Physical Activities


This week's physical activities involve under and over.  Children can have fun making an obstacle course. 

Kinetic Letters 


This week we are continuing to teach the children our hand writing program called kinetic letters.  We have a page on our school website which gives you all the information on this and videos on how to form each letter. By clicking on the pencil below your child can watch the video and then have a go at the sheet in their home learning pack. The videos are in order of how we teach them. Enjoy! 

This week we are continuing the Jumper Family then doing the Abracadabra Family - letters r  p  c  a  o