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Sensational Families

Sensational Families - next meeting Tuesday 3rd July 2.30pm

Over the last three years we have been running monthly drop-in sessions aimed at supporting parents who have children with Special Educational Needs, children with medical conditions which require extra support in school, or children who need any other type of extra help to access the school curriculum. One of the strengths of Foundry Lane is our caring and inclusive community and so, we’d love to widen this group to include as many parents as possible, whether their children have additional needs or not.


We aim to meet on the first Tuesday of every month and the purpose of the sessions is to better support all parents by …

  1. Providing a forum for parents to share their needs.
  2. To ask parents how we can improve care for SEN children and their families.
  3. To build a support network amongst parents who often feel that other parents do not understand what it is like to have a child with SEN.
  4. To share plans and ideas that the school are implementing and any changes to procedures.
  5. Parents can share information about other outside agencies and support groups they have accessed.
  6. To demonstrate that as a school Foundry Lane sees the importance of investing in the whole family.


Do come and join us to find out more. The session will be very informal and there will be plenty of tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits and a chance to chat and get to know other families. We all know that parenting is the hardest job in the world, whatever your child’s age or level of need, why not get involved in supporting other parents and families and maybe pick up some tips for yourself too?

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