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Science Policy 2018/19

On our Science day this year the focus was on ‘Changes.’


Year R really enjoyed exploring the changes when objects are put in water. They looked at what objects will float and what will sink. They were thinking about why it would float or sink due to how heavy it was. It was fun!


Year 1 looked at how materials changed when wet in order to suggest a sensible material for Puss in Boots’ boots.


Year 2 have looked at changed over time for their Science Day. They looked at the inside of a bulb then planted some bulbs in the garden. They returned to the patch eight weeks later and are now eagerly waiting for them to grow.

Year 3 have been growing runner beans, cress and carrots. They discovered that each plant has different needs as the runner beans are getting too big for their pot. They also found out that different plants grow at different rates. The cress didn’t take long at all! We have also re-planted seedlings from a spider plant to see if they can grow into new spider plants.


Year 4 looked at how drinks can change our teeth by investigating the effect of drinks on an egg. They found out that orange juice and coca cola were particularly bad for our teeth whilst water and milk didn’t have such a great effect.

Longitudinal Study
›Year 1 ‘What changes do we notice in each season?’
›Year 2 and Year 3 ‘What changes do we see as a plant grows from a bulb?’
›Year 4 ‘How does the amount of insects in a habitat change during the year?’
›Year 5 ‘How does an animal change during it’s lifecycle?
›Year 6 ‘Can we increase our stamina during the year?’