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NVR Non Violent Resistance

We are really excited to be hosting an NVR course at Foundry Lane, starting on Wednesday 25th March. The course will be led by the Southampton Early Help Team (supported by Jacqui Dowdell) and will run from 10am until 2pm for 6 sessions. We will meet in the Blue Room, refreshments will be provided but bring a packed lunch if you would like, as we’ll stop for a break part way through.


Are your children trying to control you to the extent that they sometimes become physically aggressive or verbally threatening towards you? Or are you finding that your children are isolating themselves more and more by using technology and this is having a negative impact on  your relationship with them or can cause angry and aggressive outbursts? Parents sometimes comment that they have tried everything and nothing has worked, resulting in them feeling hopeless. This is when NVR can help and empower parents to regain their presence in the family home.


Non Violent Resistance uses strategies developed by Gandhi and by the civil rights movement. It looks at ways of overcoming escalation between parents and children. It encourages parents to take an active stance in reclaiming parental presence with their children, so they feel more in control of their time, their home and themselves.


Any parents/carers with a child who exhibits controlling or violent behaviours. This can include withdrawing from the relationship and isolating themselves as well as becoming outwardly angry and verbally and physically aggressive. This approach began as a family therapy strategy delivered through CAMHS. Many parents who are waiting for assessment find it extremely useful in understanding and managing their children’s challenging behaviours and “meltdowns”.


For further information about parenting courses or to book a place, please contact Jacqui Dowdell (Parent Partnership Coordinator) via the school office or email parenting@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk