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Optional Extras - Learning ideas

Online Safety

Make sure your grown up is nearby when you work online, and that they know what you are doing.  Ask before you use the internet.

Online safety at home - here there is lots to support you and your grown-ups as you work online...





This academy has lots of super SEND ideas....Mrs Talbot loves the bunting idea, have a look if you would like!




Red Cross resources to help you!




PSHE resources

Look at this site for some wonderful PSHE resources to help you!



MoneySense Natwest

Natwest have released some great interactive resources to help your child understand money. Why not check it out? 



Telling the Time


If you would like to learn more about telling the time, there are lots of things to do here that would help you...  A little message here for your grown-ups: time is really hard for some children, so little and often is best.


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zkfycdm/resources/1     and also look at the sheets below:

White Rose Maths

If you just love maths, or your grown-up would like to know exactly how it is taught at the moment, then this is the site for you:



Talk for Writing activity

If you would like any extra work there is some information about a daily radio blog here and there are some fun writing tasks under this link.   Just click on year four!


Art Idea
Why not have a go at this Art activity! Email us your examples if you like! 

Water Flowers

A great art idea over the Easter break!

If Drawing is What You Love...

Go to Children's Pages, Home learning on our website and click on the Art painting icon.  You can draw alongside Jane Chapman (Mrs Talbot's sister) on some videos she created especially for us....they are just 3 minutes each!

Stubbington Outdoor Ideas