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Young Voices 2018

The Young Voices children and staff have arrived safely at the O2.


We are about to have lunch and then go in to start rehearsals at 1.15pm.


Lunch is is over and we are now starting rehearsals!  We have posted a photo below of our location in the arena.  Our banner is also hung behind us at the back.  We are very high up this year!  


Dont forget you can also see photos of the day on the Young Boices app.  Log in using the parents code which is PAR36947.


Further updates will be posted through the day. 


We are now on the coach leaving the O2.  Our estimated time of arrival at school is 11.30pm.


22.48 - we are just joining the M3 from the M25.


22.28 - we have just passed junction 9 on the m3 so willl back in about 15 mins.