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Transition Day - Additional Information for Years 2 & 3

As we prepare for transition day on Wednesday, we are really looking forward to introducing the children to their new teachers.  It's natural for them, and you, to feel a little apprehensive about these changes but we will support you all through this.


Just a couple of notes for parents of children in Years 2 and 3 to be aware of for Wednesday.


Parents of children currently in Year 2

The Government Fruit Scheme provides a piece of fruit to every child in Years R - 2 free of charge to schools.  Once they move into Key Stage 2 this is no longer provided.  To help prepare the children for this, please would you send in a snack of some fruit, cereal bar (nut free) or similar healthy option with your children on Wednesday 7th July.  They will be able to take this out at breaktime with them.


Parents of children currently in Year 3

As you will be aware, lunchtimes are split into two sittings during the school day.  Years R -  3 have their lunch between 12 - 12.45pm and Years 4 - 6 between 12.45 - 1.30pm.  On Wednesday, children will be having lunch at the time equivalent to their year groups in September.  Please would you chat to your child about this slightly later lunchtime so they are prepared for this on Wednesday.  As they do now, it helps if they are able to bring in a healthy snack for breaktime please.


If you have any questions about anything in this email, please do speak to your child's class teacher.