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Tiger Club Update



Tigers Breakfast and After School Club


We hope that you’ve had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to returning to school next week as much as we are.


School reopens on Monday 7th September and this is when Tiger Club will also restart.


One of the key safety elements for schools to fully reopen is consistency of groups within the school setting.  We will be splitting the children attending Tiger Club into two groups. Children in Years R 2 will be based in the Blue Room and children in Years 3 6 in the Community Room.  This will be the same for Breakfast Club and After School Club.  Please note we will not be able to move any children between these two rooms and both groups will be kept separate for both Breakfast and After School Tiger club.


When you arrive at Tiger Club, please enter using the usual Imperial Avenue gate.  Please then proceed through the wooden gate.  Parents will not be able to enter any school buildings so we would ask that you wait at a safe social distance from other by the wooden fence to the right of the wooden gate and your children will be collected from you in the mornings and brought to you in the afternoons.


A basic breakfast will be served in the mornings toast, bagels, cereal etc.  A snack will still be served in After School Club but this will be on a reduced menu. 


Children must have arrived at Breakfast club by 8.15am.  We will not be able to admit children after this time due to parents and children arriving for school at 8.30am.


For the first half term After School Club will finish at 5.30pm.  This slightly earlier finish will enable our staff to ensure additional cleaning measures are maintained.



Children will be asked to wash their hands on arrival to Tiger Club.  We will also be continuing to promote the “Catch it, Kill it, Bin it” message to encourage good respiratory hygiene.  It would really help us if you could talk to your children about the need to use a tissue for sneezes and to ensure these tissues are disposed of in one of the bins provided in school.  Both of these messages are routinely promoted during the school day as well as in Tiger Club.


Invoices for this half term will be sent home in due course.


If your requirements for Tiger Club have changed since you submitted your form, please advise us as soon as possible.  We have a significant waiting list for this provision so if you need less sessions than you originally envisaged, it would help us to know so we can start to offer places to those awaiting a place.


We are really looking back to welcoming back our Tigers and look forward to seeing you all next week.