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SCHOOL CLOSURE - Update Monday 16th July 2018

Dear Parents and Carers


Following on from the flood over the weekend, we have now had a chance to assess the damage and the impact this is likely to have on our school community.


From tomorrow, Tuesday 17th July, the school will reopen for all year groups APART FROM Year R.  The majority of the damage has occurred in the Year R classrooms and they are currently not fit to be used.


Year R will return on Wednesday 18th July by which time we will have been able to assess if they can return to their classrooms or be housed in a different part of the school. We will update parents of children in Year R as to where they should be dropped off during the course of the day tomorrow.


Breakfast and After School club will be open as normal from tomorrow.


Sports days for years 4 - 6 will not take place tomorrow.


We would like to thank everyone from our community who has made offers of help to clear up and clean up and to help replace resources that have been damaged.  We are currently compiling a list of items damaged and will share what we need to replace so that anyone who wishes to support this, can do so.


Thank you for your continued understanding and we will update you further as needed.


With kindest regards

Everyone at Foundry Lane Primary School