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Change of Classroom location for 1W



I am writing to inform you that it has been identified that there is a substantial leak in one of the water pipes in 1W’s classroom which needs emergency repairs.  Please rest assured that at no time has this leak posed any risk to anyone’s health or wellbeing.


As a result, on Friday 14th May, 1W will not be able to access their classroom whilst these repairs are carried out.


The children will then spend the day learning in the Blue Room and the hall, eating lunch in the canteen.


Please arrive in school tomorrow via the Imperial Avenue entrance at the time you would normally drop your child off.  Rather than going to their classroom, please take them to the school hall via the emergency exit door which is on your right as you enter the school from Imperial Avenue.  Mrs Wheeler will be there to greet you.


At the end of the day, arrive in school via the Imperial Avenue entrance and collect your child from the hall via the emergency exit door that you drop them off to in the morning.


Staff will be on hand to direct you and if you have any questions, please do let us know.


With kind regards

Mr Sean Taylor