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Bike It Day - 6th October

Thursday 6th October - BIKE IT DAY 
A 'Bikers Breakfast' will be available for those who cycle or scoot to school from 8.20 - 9.00am in the Foundry Lane Playground. The Smoothie bike will be returning and offering breakfast for all children who ride / scoot to school that day. This will be offered on a first come first served basis.
The Bike Doctor  will also be with us all day on 6th October.  They are going to work their way through the whole bike / scooter shed checking the safety of the bikes and scooters.    


At lunchtime we will be holding a 'Bike Doctor Workshop' for children who want to drop in and watch the Bike Doctors in action.  
We will also be running some 'air pollution' / 'travel safety' sessions during the school day for the children.   
Finally we would like to invite you to a Parent Presentation that afternoon.  Our Bike Doctor will be in the playground from 2.45 - 3.30pm.  We'd love you to come along and chat to him about travel,  congestion, air pollution and active travel around school.   He will also be offering discount vouchers for bike facilities etc.