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Welcome to Maths at Foundry Lane Primary School. On this page you will find information and resources to allow you to become familiar with the Maths Curriculum and support your children at home. 

Our Statement of Intent for Maths at Foundry Lane

What is Fluency? 

At Foundry Lane we recognise the sheer importance of fluency across all areas of Maths. We provide children with varied and frequent practice of mathematical concepts in order to allow them to develop their conceptual understanding and the ability to recall number facts and apply their knowledge across the mathematics curriculum. Alongside our teaching of this in discreet Maths sessions, we also allocate 15 minutes a day to our 5-a-day fluency practice which is aimed at 'overlearning' already taught skills and recapping more recently taught concepts. 


How Can I support my Child with Fluency at Home?

At Foundry Lane we use 'Numbots' (KS1) and 'Timestables Rockstars' (KS2), to support children in improving their fluency in number.


What is CPA in Maths?

A brief video explaining the CPA methods we use at Foundry Lane.