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Remote Learning - Foundry Lane Primary School

Google Classroom


This page has been created for parents and children to help you access and use Google Classroom, our online learning platform for Years 3 - 6. 



Step-by-step parent instructions on how to access and use Google Classroom can be downloaded below. We have also added a useful Parent Guide.   


Mr Burt has also made an easy to follow step by step video about how to submit work.  You can view this on our School YouTube page by clicking on the link below:  




We would suggest that after accessing your child's classroom, you and your child familiarise yourself with the platform together. This is where teachers will set work and send a daily message within the class stream. There will be a range of 'assignments' posted and some of the tasks can be uploaded/completed online for the teacher to view.  


Tasks (assignments) for the children to complete will be posted on a daily basis. If you miss any, do not worry as they remain in the classroom.


Please regularly discuss online safety with your children. Our online safety page has lots of advice.


If you have any problems with accessing or using Google Classroom, then please email your year group email address and we will respond as soon as we can (please do not use Google Classroom to communicate with us). 



How to use Google Classroom

How to submit assignment in Google Classroom

Jane Chapman Illustrator drawings!


Jane Chapman (a children's book illustrator) is Mrs Talbot's big sister. She wanted to create drawing videos for children in our school.  There were so many suggestions  from you, that Jane went with the overall themes, and created these films just for us!  

         Mrs Talbot  gave her the extra challenge of creating them in three minutes, so she had to go fast!  You can take your time and draw for longer if you pause the video. Jane has used big paper and charcoal mostly but you can use anything you like. We hope this will be fun for you to have a go at too! Share your creations by emailing Mrs Talbot at: year4@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk and include Jane Chapman Drawing Challenge in your title!