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Geography at Foundry Lane is taught through topics covering all the areas of the Geography National Curriculum: locational knowledge, place knowledge, physical and human geography, and geographical skills and fieldwork.


Our Geography topics for 2021-22 are:

  • Year 1 - Weather, Map Skills, Shirley and our local area
  • Year 2 - Little Blue Planet (continents and oceans), Southampton and Perth, Kenya and Canada
  • Year 3 - Contrasting settlements - Shirley and Lyndhurst, Spain
  • Year 4 - Polar Regions, Coasts, U.S.A.
  • Year 5 - Rivers, Brazil, Rainforests
  • Year 6 - Natural Disasters, Mountains


The children also have the opportunity to enhance their fieldwork skills on several geography-themed trips, including visits to Shirley and Lyndhurst in Year 3, coastal studies on the Isle of Wight in Year 4, conducting river investigations in Beaulieu in Year 5, and developing map and compass skills at Stubbington in Year 6.


Year 4 studying coastal erosion on the Isle of Wight:

Year 4 coastal studies on the Isle of Wight


Year 5 conducting river investigations in Beaulieu, New Forest: