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Miss Boulain was very proud of 3B's poems about winter. 


Aidan's poem

Winter Breeze

In December, there is rain,

Sprinting through the breeze, 

Clear like rainfall, 

As I go into a pile of leaves. 


As it turns from Autumn to winter, 

We bring out the bling, 

Ice starts to shimmer like crystal, 

My friends come together and sing.


It's gold like fire, flames are delightful, 

After my chocolate drink,

Warmth is like a snuggly blanket, 

My cheeks went from blue to pink. 


Patryk's poem 

The early raining December, 

Dashing through the leaves, 

The rainfall is laughing, 

Proud of what it achieves.


The chill of the snow, 

Is ice on the blackbird's wing, 

It falls like rain, 

Covering the playground's swing. 


Wetness is like love, 

As I leave the ice rink, 

December is epic, 

It's an excellent time, I think.


Millie's poem

Winter rain


December rain, 

Clattering on the leaves, 

While it hardly snows, 

Playing through the breeze. 


Frosty light, 

Acting like it's a king, 

While it gets colder, 

I see a frosty wing. 


Warmth is a nice cuddle, 

They bring you a delicious drink, 

It is so frosty,

I have a hot cup that is pink. 

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