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Switch Off Fortnight 2021


We are signed up to join in with a very special Switch Off Fortnight in 2021,

brought to us in partnership with Energy Saving Trust, by The POD.

This year, the hugely popular energy-saving campaign coincides with COP 26 – the UN convention on climate change – which is taking place in the UK for the first time.

Switch Off Fortnight 2021 (8-21 November) is an opportunity to engage young people in the issues being debated and learn about the small steps they can take in their own lives to help us collectively tackle the climate emergency.

What we are doing....

Article from Lonely Planet

Example of positive impacts from COVID-19 Isolation measures.



Lonely Planet Writer

The canals of Venice look very different without tourists


Italy is still on lockdown in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 and while Italians sing from their balconies to keep each other strong, the streets of all major cities are deserted and tourists have disappeared - leaving place for nature to step back in.


With Italy's streets left deserted by locals and tourists alike, animals are slowly stepping back in © Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images

Venice is the clearest it has been in 60 years, and dolphins have been spotted down in southern Italy, swimming in clearer water. Every cloud...

The canals in Venice are clearer than they have been for a long time, due to lockdown measures taken in the face of coronavirus.

As countries and their governments are urging their populations more and more to ‘self-isolate’ and stop all non-essential travel abroad, tourist cities including Venice are seeing hardly any visitors.

And so, in Venice’s case, there is less need for transportation of any kind to be running, and the canals with less boats are coming up clean, clear and beautiful.


TASK: This is a longitudinal study that should take time to develop and potentially evolve as the Pandemic unfolds and reveals more impacts.

Take your time to create your project.

  • Make a model globe/Earth.
  • Pin point the major cities affected by Covid-19 on it.
  • Identify POSITIVE environmental impacts the isolation or changes in behaviour are having on ONE of these cities.
  • Create a poster, project page or booklet about your chosen city.
    • Try to use data to evidence your claims
    • Where possible can you debate the negative vs positive impacts?
    • If you are creating a ‘scrapbook’ use newspaper cuttings and other articles and add your own comments.
    • Include your own thoughts and ideas, based on the research you have done and facts you have found out.
    • Do you think we could learn from this and change our behaviour in the future?
  • Extension – Identify similar environmental impacts with other epidemics/pandemics throughout history – ie the Black Death, Plague etc.


  • Bring the globe and your work into school when we return to ‘normal service’ for our Eco-Schools Display Area.

Imagine being able to share this with your children – What did you do during the pandemic crisis of 2020?


Example cities/Issues –

  • LONDON – PARKS HAVE MORE WILDFLOWERS and Air Pollution levels

Wildlife in Italy

Proud to be Green!

2020 is our Assessment year!

We will be working on five of the ten topics.

Working towards our FIFTH Green Flag!

Our Eco Council are made up of elected councillors from each class, two per class in some cases.  They are dedicated pupils and committed to attend regular weekly lunchtime meetings.  For Years 1, 2 and 3 these meetings are in a year 1 classroom on Tuesdays from 12 til 12.30 where we eat our lunch and discuss what we would like to do to improve our grounds and outdoor learning.  For Years 4, 5 and 6 we meet in the Den on Wednesdays from 12.45 til 1315hrs.  We share the ideas from the Tuesday meetings and discuss how we could implement them or adapt them to make them better or achievable.  The children are also responsible for the assessments and have to host the assessors for our awards.


Eco-Schools is an international award programme. Schools work towards gaining the Green Flag award. The mission is to help make every school in the country sustainable.

Any school can join the Eco-Schools programme and pupils are the driving force behind the programme.  We have to achieve progress toward a child chosen selection of the ten topic areas and have an active Eco-Council who meet regularly.


We are assessed every year and are working on our renewal for 2021.  If you would like to know more, or get involved, please email Mrs Hoskins or catch her at school any Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon after school.