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Our curriculum is designed to be creative and imaginative so that all children are excited, challenged and supported. We aim to deliver a curriculum that is underpinned by and seeks to reinforce both the values agreed by the school community and the global co-operative values. Our children enjoy the richness of learning in many different ways: from each other, from adults, outdoors, through play, in groups, through art, music, drama and sport, by being active.  


A balance of opportunity is essential. Our priority is for our children to be numerate, literate, emotionally aware and IT proficient. It is equally important that our children explore a range of curricular activities, including humanities, physical activities, creative arts, technology, and environmental education and be aware of the world around them.


The curriculum is designed so they see links in their learning and is arranged in themes, which are identified on the year group curriculum maps. Themes are planned in detail to ensure progression of skills across the school. Children are encouraged to ask questions to personalise their learning.  Assessment for Learning is an integral part of the curriculum to ensure progression and to inform future teaching and the curriculum development.


Activities are designed to excite children about their learning and include open-ended tasks that promote extended thinking and allow for different learning styles. Throughout, children are supported in identifying their personal targets and are encouraged to understand their next steps of learning through a programme of structured assessment opportunities.


Themes are enriched and supported by educational visits and visitors to school such as the fire service, local historic places, The New Forest, local nature reserve farms as well as the local area. In Year 4 the children have the opportunity to visit the Isle of Wight for 3 days with a 2 night sleepover in the East Dene Centre, and in Year 6 the children are invited to Stubbington for a week’s residential trip. First hand experiences are an essential part of what we offer our children. Our school ethos embraces the education of the whole child. Not only do we strive for quality in teaching, learning and academic achievements, but also for our children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  


We ensure our curriculum is accessible for all and enables all our children to take pride in their learning. Lessons are planned to ensure that tasks are varied for all children to make progress, including children working at greater depth.