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Welcome to ART 2021/2022


Here you will find our curriculum map.  You will also find out about some of the extra-curricular Art that happens within our school.  Mrs Talbot, Mrs Horsfall, Mrs Smith and Mrs Taylor are our Art co-ordinators.  If you would ever like to discuss Art with them, they would love to talk to you!

Please keep scrolling down, there is so much here for you to see and read!


How can I help?


If you would like to help us....we will soon be running an Art club; we always appreciate help to set up or pack away!  Or perhaps you are an artist and would like to talk to a group of children?  Or maybe you would love to come in and help in our Art lessons.  Please see one of us or speak to the office who can pass a message on.




Art pom pom tree using pom poms made out of forks!

Lowri art work year 4 March 2022

Our wonderful Art swirls using anything in the classroom!

Van Gogh Art work March 2022 year 4

Op Art by year 4 January 2022

Harvest Art work

David Hockney Art year 4 October 2021

Art work press printing year 4 September 2021

Art work Printing September 2021 year 4

We have gained our SILVER ARTSMARK award!  Please see the Artsmark section of our website.


ARTSAWARD is an individual award that 89 of our year 4 children competed.  Well done!   Please see the Artsmark section of our website.

Ideas for you to do while you are at home, if you have to isolate

Go to Children's pages, Home learning and Jane Chapman illustrations on this website.  You need to click on the paint icon.  You will find nine drawing videos that can be paused for you to draw along with Jane.  She created these especially for our school from the things that children asked their parents to ask for on Facebook.


A great idea from Mrs Talbot - why not have a go at home? 

Water Flowers

A great art idea over the Easter break!

Keep scrolling down, there are loads of websites and pictures here to give you some inspiration


Why not print out some fun stuff from Anderson press here or if you haven't got a printer copy some of the drawings:




Grown ups - the above link might help you to download resources to help your child get better at art, take a look! " ...where kids can create digital art of their own. Some of them allow creation of digital paintings in the style of famous artists, such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Mondrian. They all are fun to play with, and should keep your kids busy for quite a while. "

   For more to look at, try this super Art website:



A drawing exercise for you to try

How to draw lots of different animals - have a go!

Links with the community...


We have taken part in competitions from The John Hansard Gallery and Southampton Civic Center as well as other competitions. 


We have a link with Winchester University.  Last year Paul Key came to visit Art club and visited Mrs Talbot (he taught her to be a teacher many year's ago!)  That discussion led to fifteen students coming in to work with 90 of our year three children to create sculptures for a morning.  We have a link with Regent's Park Community College and have had year nine pupils in to help with clay work in year three in previous years. 


Last year our work was displayed in Shirley Library and Mrs Talbot is really keen to get our work displayed elsewhere.  If you have a link to a business or need our Art help, please let us know!

Year 4 completed fruit pictures based upon Cezanne's art work.

Year 4 completed amazing fruit pictures based upon Arcimboldo's work. April 2021

Printing work by year 4 Autumn 2021 based upon David Hockney's water paintings

Twirly Paul Klee Art by year 3 and 4 keyworker children

Beautiful images of our school inspired by Lowri and using pastels

Lovely art work based on Berthe Morisot by key worker children

Key worker children created these amazing junk modelling creations!

Fair trade work by our children! Displayed in Fair trade shop in Shirley

How can I see my child's artwork?


At Foundry Lane we really value the use of display around School to enable you to see what we do and celebrate the children's achievements.  Year six have recently produced some amazing moving people collages that they have displayed outside their classrooms with their very own interpretation of poppies for Remembrance day. Mrs Talbot's year five art group have displayed their work up on two display boards and Art club on one display board along the top corridor.  Year two and three often display their Art in the new building.  Also scroll down on this website to see lots of examples of our Art.


All Art work is kept in sketchbooks (or photographs if the work is too big.  These are in their sketchbooks and available to view at parents evenings, or informally if you wish, just ask one of us!    All our curriculum work and more is in our Sketchbooks kept in school as evidence of the great work that we do.

Canteen and other picture frames

You can view recent Art work in the canteen and outside school on the community notice board in the playground.  


Arts Ambassadors


We met with Mr Taylor and this is what he asked us and what we said...


Why is it important that we have Art in the curriculum?

"It's important to let people be creative."

"It helps us to learn more things."

"We enjoy being expressive."

"I think it's important to get even better at art."

"I enjoy art because there are no rules, you can be creative and express yourself."

"I enjoy collecting my ideas in my Arts Award book."


What could we do to make learning about Art even better?

"We could do even more art!"

"We could help the teachers to be better at art."

"We could do more working together to make collaborative art"


So how are we fulfilling these ideas from the children?  We are completing Arts award in year four, we have regular art mindfulness sessions, teachers have contact with Mrs Talbot and Mrs Taylor to discuss Art planning in year groups, we are producing our own collaborative Art Christmas tree for the competition at Shirley Baptist Church!  We produced collaborative artwork for Harvest.  We had twenty Art students from Winchester working with us.  There are lots more ideas too.

Our Art curriculum for 2018/2019

Artsmark display July 2019

Fairtrade Art and poetry to be displayed in Koolskools in Shirley as part of our Artsmark Award

Illustrator Visit 6/6/19

Chameleon drawings July 19 (ideas from Jane's website, on the fun bit!)

Examples of Art created as part of the Art curriculum

Examples of sketchbook drawings and evaluations

Year R Art

Year one Art

Year two Aboriginal Art

Year two Art Van Gogh

Picasso 2019

Year three - Picasso portraits

Year three Art - Through the window

Year four Art - Press printing, water, David Hockney link

Year four final printmaking hanging using relief printing inspired by David Hockney and water

Year five clay canopic jars

Year five Rousseau Art

Year six Mayan Art project

Images of Art created as part of the Art curriculum - Year six Moving People (inspired a little by Matisse!)

Year six Andy Warhol work

Feb 6th 2020   The images below are a new project about British Century Art.  The children will be working with Johnny Hanna to create some screen printing images next....here is our progress so far!

20th Century Art Screen printing Work with Jonny Hanna Year six

20th Century Art - Billy Eilish, Michael Mc Intyre, Einstein, Arianna Grande, Daniel Craig...

Examples of extra-curricular Art


As well as our Art in Art lessons, we love to use Art to support other areas of the curriculum.  Look at these images for a taster of the Art work that happens in other lessons, Art Elsa or clubs. 

Art ELSA group Artwork


This group meets with Mrs Talbot on a Wednesday.  We create art while discussing how our week has been, giving one another support and advice and learn to collaborate, to respect, take responsibility and to to share all at the same time!


Here are a few examples of the work that we create.  We have been working hard to create foil figures inspired by an artist called Giacometti.  We also created a tree with captions that inspire us and included some owl collages (just for fun!)  Our flower images are created from paper and pens.  We folded the petals inwards.  When they are placed in water the petals open up, sometimes they go in first.  This is because of capillary action (look it up to find out more.)  One of our projects was to create "A place for me."  Our paper plates were created using paint and a lettuce spinner!  You can see images of all of these projects here on our website but do take a look on the top corridor to see the Artwork for real.  This is continually changing, so watch out!

Art ELSA group Artwork...

Year 1,3 and 4 working with final year students from Winchester University Autumn 2019

World Book Day Art - you can see a whole display of more of these in the canteen!

International day February 2020

International Day Artwork

Remembrance Day - All year groups created poppies and we took a photo all together, then displayed these around school.

Spring Art from year one

Art linking to RE

Art clubs/Drawing clubs 2018/2019


These clubs are open to children every Tuesday after school.  If you get a place you can stay for a half term, and then it is someone else's turn or you may get to come back if we are not over-subscribed, so do try.

We have looked at Miro, Paul Klee, Cezanne, Giacometti, and lots of other super artists.  We sometimes create sculpture, but mostly work in 2D using mixed media.  Sometimes we take our work home, sometimes we create Art for competitions, sometimes we display it and sometimes we photocopy it and do all of those!

It's lots of fun but also hard work, be prepared!




Chalk drawings created by Art club February 2020

Images of Art created by Art club - these were inspired by Miro

Art club and PCSO's 13th November 2018


Police Community Support Workers came to Art club to tell us all about a competition.  They needed us to create Christmas images for their twitter page advent calendar about crime prevention.  We created images based upon Paul Klee's work.  

John Hansard Art Gallery walkway competition 2018/2019


We are still waiting to hear about the winners and if we managed to win!  The winning colourful walkway will be created on Above Bar Street.  For any more information look up the John Hansard Art Gallery website.  Many thanks!

This part of the website let's you look back and see what we were up to last academic year...

Rock challenge needed our help!


Drawing club were commissioned by our school Rock Challenge team to create two huge drinking vessels and two huge chicken legs for their actors to use as props.


We created these from papier mache and paint.  Papier mache is a bit time consuming.....four weeks later they looked amazing.  Congratulations to all in Rock challenge for your superb win!

Art competitions

Roald Dahl character competition

Well done to all those children who entered our Roald Dahl competition!  You created brilliant images of characters created by Roald Dahl!  Governors judged the competition and the winning entries were displayed on the Community board for all to see. 


Pudsey Bear competition

Thank you to everyone who entered our Pudsey bear drawing competition.  This competition was open to all year groups and all adults involved with our school. Do you know one of the winners was a Grandma?  We raised lots of money for charity and the entries were displayed in the canteen and winning entries on the Community board! 


Christmas card competition

Thanks to all of you Mr Taylor and Miss Aldred had a wonderful Christmas card to send out.  Thank you to all of you for entering our School Christmas card competition!



Drawing club


Drawing club is open to anyone in year 3 and year 4.  It's on Tuesdays after school from 3.20 until 4pm.


So far we have:

  • learnt about Miro and taken our pencil for a walk and then coloured in the result adding figurative images just like he did.
  • drawn our shoes using charcoal
  • created landscapes using sugar paper and chalk pastel
  • used books to help us draw monsters, cars and figures!


Small Faces Art exhibition

On February 6th a group of artists came to our school!  They told us about a very exciting real art exhibition that we could be part of.  Every child from year R to year 5 created a small postcard sized portrait.  Some used tissue paper and pens, some used magazine face features and some used oil pastel.  Some of us used pen and ink.  Our faces looked amazing.  At the end of the day the artists took our work to be displayed in an exhibition with lots of other faces. The details of the exhibition are below, so you can view our work.


Alternatively.....there are photos of some of our work up in the canteen and on the community board! 

Small Faces private view card