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Handling Anger in the Family

            There is no assumption that those attending (or their children) have specific “anger issues”; but both adults and children get cross from time to time and within the family can be the safest place to learn anger management techniques. The programme offers practical and proven strategies for managing anger for both adults and children. The course runs for 5 weeks beginning on Thursday 7th March from 9.00am and aiming to finish by 11.30am, it will be held in the Blue Room on the English Road playground.

Over the 5 weeks we aim to cover: the physical effects of anger; how anger can affect health and relationships; different ways of expressing anger; identifying ‘triggers’ to anger; the role of self-esteem in anger management; the link between stress and anger; strategies for keeping calm; recognising ‘danger signals’; Positive Self Talk; communicating by using “I messages”; Anger Diaries; what to do when we’ve ‘lost it’!; how our personal beliefs can make us angry; handling a child’s rage; how adults can make children’s anger worse.

Here are some comments made by the parents who attended previous courses:

  • “It was nice to find strategies and I have realised that my child’s anger is ‘normal’.”
  • “Through the course I have become more aware of what triggers my anger and I have adapted my routines etc., to avoid situations/times when I’m more likely to explode.”
  • “The course has shown me techniques to help my children. Ways to help them calm down and learning to look at the reason why they are angry.”
  • “I’ve used the strategies and found myself calmer and less annoyed with people and life.”
  • “This course is really helping me work out where I’ve been going wrong and how to use various strategies to try and look at situations differently.”
  • “I found the course very helpful, it helped me realise that some of my children’s anger is them expressing themselves and that is OK.”

If you would like to attend, e-mail me at parenting@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk.


For further information about parenting courses, please contact Jacqui Dowdell (Parent Partnership Coordinator) via the school office or email parenting@foundrylaneprimary.co.uk